1. 22 November 2011

    A cool followup to a dissertation that music blogs are dying. And while you’re at it, also read the hilarious but ever so true 14 ways to not be a terrible music fan.

    14) There’s no such thing as “Best” when it comes to music. Really! When someone says “Best,” they actually mean “Favorite.” They just want you to click through their five-page albums list, which you totally did. (If they actually meant “Best,” they’re probably wearing a t-shirt with a wolf on it right now. Take a deep breath.)”

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I get inspired everyday. Exceeding video's, disarming music, innovative marketing, mesmerizing artwork but also through little things like well placed colorful post-its, noodles and a funny shaped leaf. I hope some day, maybe even by accident, I get to inspire others.

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